Link From NASA Website

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How to get link from NASA's website?

No joke, NASA as National Aeronautic And Space Administration, not any other funny acronym like Not Another Silly Acronym (NASA).


Seriously, link from NASA. No kidding...

SEO expert will tell you how juicy link from any .gov website. Especially highly rated site as NASA. No way NASA create link to my blog.

So, let me tell you how to do it.

1. Copy this url

2. Replace those red colored address with your own url.

3. Paste at address bar at your browser.

4. You will see page like this:

Just click to continue.

Walllah....! You got yourself visitor directly from NASA page.

Click here to try: Link from NASA.

Promote that long address to your friends and impress them.

I pretty sure search engine will not appreciate 'cheat link' like this. But who cares, fact that we got linkback from NASA page will always make us smile, right?

Hope to make some friends in tonight Madagascar 2 premiere screening.