Video Sex Anwar Ibrahim

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Career ending incident or first bullet by Barisan Nasional towards Sarawak state election....?

PETALING JAYA: A video showing a man, resembling a top Opposition leader having sex with a woman, believed to be a foreign prostitute, has emerged.

The 30-minute video, which showed the supposedly high profile Member of Parliament in various compromising positions, is set to rock the Malaysian political arena.

The video recorded on Feb 21 was found in a hotel room in Kuala Lumpur.

Press representatives were taken to a hotel room individually to view the video footage by a group of unknown people led by a person, who only wanted to be known as Datuk T.

Datuk T said he wanted the media to watch the footage showing the politician before sending the copy to him and his wife “to identify the person in the video” a week from now.

He said if the individual in the video was the politician he had identified to the media, "then he and his wife must step down from politics.”

Datuk T said he was not “the pious person with high moral values and integrity as portrayed, and therefore is not fit to be leader.”

Datuk T said if the two did not quit politics, “I will call on several NGOs (non-government organisations) to set up an independent panel to investigate and seek professional forensic services to study the authenticity of the recordings.”

Datuk T claimed he had stumbled upon the video after he was asked by the politician to search for his watch in the room where the sexual encounter had taken place.

“As I could not find the watch on the table, I searched for it behind the dresser. I was shocked to find many strands of wires behind the dresser.

“On close inspection, I found four well-hidden CCTV cameras, I tried to open the two dresser drawers and found one was locked.

“I prised open the locked drawer using a sharp object. I found an active CCTV recorder. I disconnected the wiring and took the recorder out of the hotel,’’ he said, adding that no one had the recording except him.

“I will not hand over copies to any quarters for fear of reproduction and distribution,’’ he said.

Members of the media including The Star viewed the video clip on a computer at the hotel room, where Datuk T was heavily guarded. The Star journalist was searched and had his mobile phone taken away before being allowed to view the video. The other members of the media included those from Bernama, New Straits Times, Utusan Malaysia, China Press, the Internet portals, foreign news agencies and at least one opposition organ.

The video clip had sharp images and the woman appeared to be a fair-skinned foreigner, possibly an East Asian.

Meanwhile, with talk of the video having surfaced, PKR communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad tweeted, saying the video was doctored.